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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Set Expectations To Get a New Relationship Off to a Fast Start

A former colleague of mine reminded me after I posted "Seven Keys to Successfully Transitioning to a New Agency" earlier today to Beyond the Arc that I left out a critical "key."

And she was right.  

So the "Eight Key" to successful agency transition management is this:  the incoming agency should hold an expectations meeting with the client's executive team and communications team leaders to review their expectations -- which are different from their business goals.  

For example, the CEO may have the expectation that he/she is going to be actively involved in business press activities (or doesn't want to be involved).

Setting clear expectations for how the program is going to run, and what each person's role and responsibility is, is key during the agency transition. 

Also, expectations meetings are ideal platforms for client and agency to agree to the establishment of a day-to-day working structure.  For instance, how will the client and agency account team members communicate on a daily basis; which communications tools will be regarded as essential to real-time communications; what will be the schedule for formal weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual meetings to review the progress against agreed to objectives. 

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